Heavy burden excerpts
Tony is recovering after heavy abuse. His aim is to help others cope with everyday life and problems. This is a trailer for a one hour documentary. A period of four years in the lives of four people was documented. This documentary conveys genuine, strong experience in a tough world - strong wills in a battle with immense powers. Some win the game, some lose. Tony made it. He got a permanent job, runs a lunch café and courses for those who do not know how to manage their own home, manage the daily finances and navigate in an online reality. No one can see he was addicted to heroin for many years. That is dignity. Roy didn't make it. After two years he left the theatre troupe, the regular gathering point they had. The goal was to control own lives, become brave enough to perform on a stage. Roy advocated the idea of "dignity and forgiveness", as he had read it in the writings of Thomas Aquinas. Everyone deserves a second chance; no one should be excluded even if drugs take power over you. But now he is dead. Jan Erik struggled as always. He could write it out, in texts and songs. Actually, he was a musician - in theatre, he was not particularly interested in. He wrote only serious thing, as Bob Dylan did. But only his lyrics took part in the premiere. His second heart operation killed him and silenced his voice. Gry was luckier. She did not die until after the success. It went fine, several newspapers wrote about them and what they had achieved. She had risen from humiliation, away from the "Plata" district and the other whores. Nature, theatre and poetry had become her new life - until reality took her away, suddenly one day. Nothing more, only the memories and words are left.
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